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  • Welcome to JAG

    Practical & Highly Effective

  • Introducing Jag Training

    Our New Name

  • JAG Instructors

    Mike, Ranard, & Jake

  • Training Excellence

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  • Naturing Environment

    Encouraging & Family-Like

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Meet Our Instructors

  • Ranard Brown, MBA

    Ranard Brown, MBA

    Brown Belt under Luiz Palhares, Has trained, coached and mentored everyone from professional UFC fighters to moms and 3 year olds.

  • Mike Bertram, MS

    Mike Bertram, MS

    Mike started his training with Matt Serra (received blue belt) Later, he moved to NC where he received his purple belt from Rodrigo Gracie in March 2011.

  • Jake Geller

    Jake Geller

    5x Naga Champion AP Honors student Kids Instructor

What our students say

  • Awesome place to train! Everyone here is family we all get along and have amazing classes along with being able to challenge our coaches to see if the move they teach us will actually work unlike most schools!

    Brandon B.,

  • By far one of the best places I've ever trained,and the training techniques they use work very clearly and effective and just a great all around atmosphere !!

    Coley S.,

  • Awesome place to train and have a good time where there is no ego only training and legitimate Gracie jiu-jitsu

    Manuel C.,